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Mikayla McVey writes & performs from the beating, blistered, blissed out heart of the West. Born in Virginia and raised up in the holy golden Northern California hills, McVey has come to understand music as a major thread that ties together community and an opportunity to practice magic in one of its most accessible & transmittable forms. Music has always been home and she genuinely hopes / time turns everything / into song.

She currently resides in Oakland, California, and has made homes in rural South America, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the 35ft cavern of a 1986 International School bus named Splendor.


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On Naming

New Year

Vinyl ($20)

Time Turns Everything is the first full-length LP from Mikayla McVey and her second studio collaboration with producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, & deep space explorer James Wallace aka SKYWAY MAN. The album is a staggering work of heartache & healing that takes a spiraling & personal pass at answering a very old question: where does love go when it dies? And furthermore… can love ever die? It looks at the heart, the lover, and the process through a range of musical kaleidoscopes, and ultimately delivers a meditation on the power of time to transform pure grief into melody, poetry, vibration, and medicine for the future.

The sound and composition of Time Turns Everything was, in many ways, a result of the state of the world over the last 2 years - it was recorded in the “safety” of isolation booths, at several sessions in separate studios, and with a multitude of long-time friends & talented musicians that probably wouldn’t have been available had circumstances been different. Time Turns Everything was produced by James Wallace, engineered by Miles Lassi at Skyline Studios (Oakland, CA) & James Wallace at Huge Planet (Nashville, TN), mixed by Jake Davis at Seismic Sound (Nashville, TN), and mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering (Ventura, CA). The album features performances by: Sam Doores (The Deslondes) on drums, Danny Vitali (Alex Bleeker, Kelly McFarling) on bass, Alan Parker (Spacebomb) on electric guitar, James Wallace on keyboards, guitars, & vibraphone, Mat Davidson (twain, Big Thief, Courtney Marie Andrews) on pedal steel, guitar, fiddle, glockenspiel, & vocals, Miles Lassi on percussion, and Molly Sarle (Mountain Man) and Rebecca Marcyes on background vocals.

Photo of Mikayla EP


Dark Underground


10-inch Vinyl ($18)

Holy Golden is Mikayla's debut studio release and a collaboration with friend and fellow space traveler James Wallace (SKYWAY MAN). While the record takes its name from the holy golden lonely mess of her home state, the songs on this little 10-inch criss cross our big/broken/beautiful nation from New York and New Orleans to Mono Lake and Lake Michigan. Recorded to tape in West Oakland and West Nashville, it aims to bring you in very close... and send you all the way out on a beam of light or a strong wind.


"Out Of Mind"
by Mikayla McVey
Filmed and edited by WesternAF




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